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The Piazza Azzurri Centre, a new commercial complex, is located at the intersection of Highway 40 and St. Charles Boulevard in Kirkland, on Montreal’s West Island. The project consists of a three-storey building with retail space on the ground floor and offices on the upper floors. An adjoining shopping mall leads to a food court. The building had to blend harmoniously with the surrounding residential neighbourhood while standing out with its upscale character.

Piazza Azzurri consists of two volumes. The first one, on the west side, has three levels, while the second one, to the east, has a single floor and is rectilinear. The centre’s L shape helps protect the small shopping mall from prevailing winds.

The building stands out through the quality of its materials and also through its large curved canopy, floating above the promenade. LED lamps with changing colours, incorporated in the columns that punctuate the promenade, illuminate the roof and are inviting to passersby. The stores strengthen this impression with the backlighting of their glass façades.

  • Client: Broccolini Development
  • Cost of Construction: $6.7M
  • Year of Construction: 2007
  • Area: 34,660 sq. ft. (3,220 m²)
  • Team Members:

Rick Rubin

Mallory Conway

  • General Contractor: Broccolini Construction


Photos: Stéphane Brügger