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The great popularity and success of Le Glacier Bilboquet in Outremont led to the opening of a franchise store in the neighbouring community of Westmount.
The objective was to create a functional and aesthetic ice cream shop in spite of a small and narrow locale and the especially challenging requirement to handle large numbers of people.
The flavour menu is posted on three large blackboards behind the service area, where the highly noticeable size and location of these make it simple for the owners to communicate and adjust the menu. Vanilla brick and cocoa-coloured counters stimulate the taste buds. Standing out against the neutral background is a bright multi-coloured tile floor creating a fun enticement into the store. The overall result is an atmosphere of extraordinary simplicity and refined elegance.


  • Client: Le Glacier Bilboquet
  • Year of Construction: 2007
  • Cost of Construction: $0.065M
  • Area: N/A
  • Team Members:

Stephen Rotman

Bruno Morin

  • General Contractor: Construction BFG


Winner of the 2007 Ferdie Interior Award, Cafés and food counters 


Photos: Stéphane Brügger