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The facility has been designed to enhance collaboration and creative thinking, as well as the sharing and developing of ideas, all in keeping with Merck’s new global workplace standards.
Merck’s new work environment provides staff with a greater number of collaborative workspaces and break areas, both indoors and outdoors, as well as an open concept design allowing for a more effective use of space. Merck employees and other tenants also have access to numerous shared amenities, including a fitness centre, a cafeteria with Town Hall facilities, and landscaped outdoor spaces. 

  • Client: Broccolini Construction
  • Cost of Construction: $25M
  • Area: total 153,649 sq. ft. ( 14.274 m² ), new extension 75,513 sq. ft. ( 7,015 m² )
  • Year of Construction: 2014
  • Team Members:

Rick Rubin

Bruno Morin

Santiago Baigun

Andrew Tarassoff

  • General Contractor: Broccolini Construction


Photos: Stéphane Brügger