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GlobalVision is a quality control platform for packaging workflow used by thousands of businesses worldwide to eliminate errors on packaging, optimize their quality control and catch mistakes before they're printed.

The transformation of an old industrial building into their new corporate offices highlighted an enrichment of the building's industrial character.

The goal was to create light and airy workspaces through exploiting the ceiling height and adding new openings to the existing envelope.

With the focus on enhancement, the concrete floors were repaired and polished, while the steel structure and deck were painted white and exposed. The recovery of the existing steel mezzanine grating adds a distinctive decorative detail and serves as a luminous filter wall, delimiting the central café and auditorium.

This renovation grasps the essence of the past, makes a contemporary intervention, and creates an elegant and innovative environment that will last through time.

  • Client: Global Vision
  • Cost of Construction: $4M
  • Area:48,480 sq. ft. (4500 m² )
  • Year of Construction: 2016
  • Team Members:

Stephen Rotman

Sophie Couture

Yves Sauriol

Anna Ilyaev

  • General Contractor: CTS Renovation


Photos: Stéphane Brügger