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Broccolini, founded in 1950, has become a leader over the years in the area of construction and development of real estate services. Operating in Eastern Canada Broccolini serves residential, commercial and industrial markets in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto as a contractor or real estate developer.

The company’s offices, set up in a new building in Kirkland, in Montreal’s western suburbs, have been subdivided to group the operations of the four major divisions, namely real estate services, construction, estimation and accounting.

In addition to work areas, the program called for meeting rooms, a cafeteria and an adjoining kitchen. By means of removable wall elements, the architects applied an innovative concept for the company’s boardroom. The space can be closed in when required but otherwise remains a broad traffic flow space for employees and an informal meeting area.

  • Client: Broccolini
  • Year of Construction: 2004
  • Area: 25,000 sq. ft. ( 2,322 m² )
  • Cost of Construction: $4M
  • Team Members:

Rick Rubin

Bruno Morin

Andrew Tarassoff

  • General Contractor: Broccolini Construction


Photos: Stéphane Brügger