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After being displaced from its original village for construction of the James Bay hydroelectric project, the Cree community of Nemaska settled in 1980 on the shores of Champion Lake. Driven by a desire for sports facilities that would form a real attraction for its people, young and old alike, the community decided in the early 2000s to go ahead with a recreation centre.

A study of prevailing winds and sunlight enabled the architects to plan the loction of the centre, to be erected on the same site as the village arena. The program for the new building, to adjoin the existing one, called for construction of a pool, gym, bowling alley, virtual golf course and physical training centre, along with administrative spaces. A new entrance, serving both buildings, was also planned.

Fibre cement panels capable of resisting tough climatic conditions were used for the outdoor façades. A large curved roof, giving the impression of floating above the recreation centre, lightens the building. Lively colours brighten up the interiors, and carefully planned window areas bring in the maximum amount of natural light.

  • Client: Cree Nation of Nemaska
  • Year of Construction: 2005
  • Area: 32,290 sq.ft. (3,000 m²)
  • Cost of Construction: $9M
  • Team Members:

Stephen Rotman

Bruno Morin

Peter Shupe

  • General Contractor: Nemaska Eenou Companee