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The expansion was to include nine new simulator bays and their associated classrooms and supporting spaces. Planning had to allow the existing CAE Training Centre to remain fully operational during construction and commissioning phases. A particular challenge of training centre design is that simulators and their supporting classrooms and brief/de-brief rooms require a high level of sound and vibration isolation. Paradoxically, simulators and their supporting equipment generate a large level of low frequency noise which is difficult to contain. Using acoustically designed plenums, sand filled CMUs, and high mass concentrations throughout the project helps with low frequency sound attenuation.


  • Client: CAE Simuflite Inc.
  • Construction Cost: $ 13.5M
  • Area: 52,000 sq.ft. (4,831 m²)
  • Year of Construction: 2008
  • Team Members:

                      Richard Rubin 

                     Andrew Tarassoff

                     Keith Johnson

  • General Contractor: The Haskell Company